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Parish Council


The purpose of a Parish Pastoral Council  may be best characterized by the phrase "pastoral planning."  Council members are appointed and elected to serve as representatives of parish members and as advisors to the pastor with respect to pastoral matters.  "Pastoral matters" include the spiritual, educational, social and outreach ministries of the parish.  In collaboration with the Pastoral Council, the Pastor can better make decisions concerning the Christian Life of the Parish and the needs of the community.

Our members are as follows:

Chris Bean
Linda Gademan
John LaPorte
Patty O'Conor
Judy Wass
Gail Crocker
Patricia Brackett
Joseph Doolin
Al Donaruma
Jeremiah Hegarty
John and Maureen Hufnagle

Ex Officio:

Fr. Gregory Mathias
Fr. Laurent Valliere
Deacon Keith Caldwell
Deacon Ted Lukac

Deacon Richard Murphy
Gillie Couto
Bill Bussiere
Kelley Spodris

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