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Funeral Planning

Please accept our condolences on the loss of your loved one. If you are working with a funeral home, they will contact the church, usually while you are meeting with them, to schedule the funeral Mass. A member of our Ministry of Hope will contact you to help you choose readings and music, which is included below. 

Preparing for the Funeral Mass

The Catholic liturgy provides courage and comfort for those mourning the death of a loved one. Participating in the planning of the Mass may be a source of consolation and strength for the family. You have the opportunity, in fact you are encouraged, to help plan the funeral Mass. The purpose of this booklet is to assist you in that planning.

The Parish staff or a volunteer from the Ministry of Hope is prepared to assist you through the process of planning the funeral liturgy. This booklet gives an overview of the Rite of Christian Burial as it relates to the Mass of Resurrection. It offers an explanation to the various parts of the Liturgy and offers suggestions for selections from Sacred Scripture and music.

You have the options concerning the entrance procession, the readings, music and Prayers of the Faithful. Please take a few moments to read these pages, beginning with the Overview, and complete the attached form indicating your choices. In these pages you will find commonly used readings for funerals, but if you prefer, you may select different Scripture readings that have meaning for you. 
Please feel free to discuss with the Ministry of Hope volunteer, who will be assisting you. 

Preparing a Eulogy


Frequently a family member or friend is designated to share a reflection. Here are some guidelines for those who wish to include this practice within their celebrations. 

A Eulogy is a reflection on the life of the deceased in the context of his/her faith.

In accord with the Order of Christian funerals, one person should speak, not a series of people.

The prayer after Communion should be said, then the Eulogy, then the Commendation.

Whoever is chosen to speak should be someone who can maintain self-control.

Considering the time balance of the Mass, three to five minutes is suitable for this. The speaker should write out his/her remarks.
The wake, the farewell at the cemetery, and the meal of consolation after the burial, are all appropriate places for tributes and anecdotes about the deceased.

A biography of the deceased could be prepared and distributed to friends in lieu of the Eulogy. Within or in place of the Eulogy, someone might want to simply thank all who have come.

The following documents will assist in planning the Mass:
Planning Form (The Ministry of Hope will help you complete this)
Old Testament Readings
New Testament Readings
Prayers of the Faithful
Music Selections
Responsorial Psalms


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